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Welcome!! I currently have houses available now in all classes, and if you have interest in our Pet Friendly, Rental Only, Rent To Own (which are done as a Rental Lease with Purchase Option) , Discounted Straight Sale, Winter Rental, and Vacation houses starting at only $595/mo you won't be disappointed. At Russell Rentals your current credit score is not all that critical, frankly I am more interested in your current situation, and your current ability to be able to afford the house, and a few other major factors. For your benefit, many of our houses are equipped with a monitored central station reporting alarm system and a home warranty (which are available as an option).


One of my more popular features that is included in ALL of my rent to own leases is the portability clause where you can transfer any potential purchase credit that you have built up into your current house over into another one of my houses should your needs or desires ever change, that way you never have to worry about having to start over if you ever desire to get a different size or style house or want to move to a different area.


Most of my houses also have all of the appliances included but I am always willing to have the ones already in the house removed if you wish to use your own appliances. I have very easy terms, and most pets are accepted, and generally I am able to approve almost anyone.


Please look over the individual house descriptions on the main part of this website to see pics and additional info on each available property. While you are on here our website please also be sure to check out my vacation houses and keep these houses in mind for your vacation travel needs.


To make things easier on my prospective tenants I am always able to break up your move in money, which is your 1st months rent, Rental Lease with Purchase Option Inception Fee (which is equivalent to 1.5 months rent and charged in place of a the amount typically charged as a security deposit) and pet deposit (if applicable), over the first 3 or 6 months. If however you can pay your move in money in full then you can take advantage of the current Rent to Own Special (ask for details). I currently have all sized houses either currently available, or available very soon, so one of my houses can certainly fit your needs.


My houses and apartments are all pet friendly, and currently the rental rates range from $595 per month through $1195 per month, on a rent to own, or rental only basis, all prices listed are plus all applicable utilities and other expenses (sewer, trash, taxes, insurance, ect) that are billed to the house and/or apartment during your rental only (rental only tenants do not pay taxes or insurance) or rent to own period.


Please take a look at the house pictures on this website, and then let me know which one(s) that you have particular interest in and if requested, I will send you back additional pics and info on that/those specific houses. If you click on the rent to own tab on the top of the main page you will see a list of all the available houses and a few pictures of each. Once you pick the house(s) you wish to see just email me at, and make an appointment to see the house(s) you like in person.


Some people are tenants by choice. But most people would prefer to enjoy all the benefits of owning a home if at all possible. It can be the single most important investment that you will ever make. A lot of people's personal wealth is made up mostly from equity that they have built up through years of responsible home ownership. We all know people who used the value of their homes as the spring board to giving them the ability to become wealthy. With my special programs you to have the potential to own a house even if the far more stringent banks have told you that they would not trust you enough to help you buy a home. Call me I can almost certainly get you into a home of your own and very quickly also.


Personally, I believe buying a home should be at the top of everyones goal list. And, I have a number of homes for sale right now with flexible terms and no bank qualifying needed. My unique approach to selling houses can help you achieve the reward of owning your own home faster and easier than going the traditional route.


Please remember that I am NOT a realtor, I am NOT a bank, I AM an individual owner, and as such I can craft just about any custom deal to accommodate your special needs, circumstances, situations, and/or desires, and all without a ton of red tape. All of my houses are located in typical small town America type communities, in are located in either Northumberland County or Schuylkill Counties in East/Central Pa., which is just a little west of the Pocono Mountains and within 20 minutes of both Knoebels Grove Amusement and Water Park, and the world famous Bloomsburg Fair, plus MANY other attractions. You will certainly find (like I have), that this is an incredible place to live and well worth making the move into one of these great homes. When you come and see my available homes, you can pick one, and in most cases be moving into it, all within the same day. I will hope to hear back from you with your list of houses that you desire additional info on very soon. Please look over all of the details, procedures, practices, and terms that are fully explained below.

Best Wishes & Looking Forward To Meeting You Very Soon,

Respectfully Yours,

Brett Russell


Rent to own leases are written as a seven year rental lease with a purchase option leases.

Currently we offer a portability clause in all of our R2O leases, whereas if your needs or desires change for a nominal fee you are able to transfer everything you have built up towards your current house into a new house so long as you stay within the network

of Russell’s Rentals houses. This way you do not lose all that you have accumulated towards

purchase because of a necessary or desired move.

Most Pets are acceptable with a pet deposit   but the landlord reserves the right to reject any pet for any reason. Pit Bulls, and Pit Bull mixes, giant breed dogs, and non neutered/spayed cats will only ever be approved on very specific fenced properties and even then only if the tenants obtain and continue to maintain renters insurance that is primary for animal bites and scratches.

It is understood that many of our applicants/tenants will have less than great credit scores, credit scores alone will generally not cause a rejection. There is a non refundable $49. per adult application fee to cover basic background research and credit screening by the landlord. The landlord is primarily concerned with the tenant applicants ability to afford the rental payment, major issues such as open judgments, open arrest warrants, drug sales convictions, domestic violence convictions, excessive eviction history, and dishonest statements on your rental application, those are the types of things that we reject for.

Utilities and other expenses are never included, tenants are fully responsible for all costs associated with living in and maintaining the homes they rent from us. Some of the rent to own and rental only houses have full warranties and central station alarm systems available as an option, if you desire.

Residents must comply with all applicable municipal regulations in the jurisdiction in which they reside.


You can move in fast

When you buy, or Rent to Own a home from me you can move in quickly and easily. Most of my properties are available immediately. Get into one of my homes in just a few days (or even within just a few hours) with our flexible terms or set a date further out, (up to seven days).

Avoid bank hassles

If you have credit problems, bankruptcy, late payments, judgments, liens, tax problems, charge offs, or are self employed, I can still help you get into a home. You Don’t Have to Qualify with a Mortgage Lender for one of my Rent to Own Homes

With my Rent to Own Home homes, you simply fill out a standard rental application. Once your application is accepted, you are now approved for my Rent to Own Program. It usually takes less than 1 hour for your rental application to be approved!

You Don’t Need to Have a full 20% Down Payment for this Program:

Many banks want you to have larger down payments to buy a home if you have a lower credit score. In fact, I have seen banks ask for a 20 to 30% down payment. On a $180,000 house that could amount to $54,000. How many years will you have to save in order to have a $54,000 down payment? But in my houses in most cases, since I can break up your move in money over 3   6 months, you will usually only need about $1000. down to be able to move in. There are a lot of creative things I can do even if your credit is less than perfect... or you lack local employment history...or your income is hard to prove... or you have another house for sale... or you're stuck in a lease... or you've had a bankruptcy or foreclosure... or you have outstanding collections.

Straight Up Seller Financing

If you do have some cash to put down (10% - 20%) you can go directly into an seller held mortgage agreement. When you don't have enough money down to go directly to seller financing, I have other deal options to give you immediate ownership benefits. My "lease purchase" or "rent to own" program can get you into the home of your choice with a very small down payment. This program offers a creative way of helping you build equity and enjoy market appreciation. I'll then work with you to get you moved in as quickly as possible with the best type of deal and terms to match up with your personal situation and finances. In the meantime, you can be enjoying your new home, sprucing it up how you want. Since you're in the process of buying the home, we have very few concerns about smoking or pets. Then show off your new home and experience a new sense of pride. You'll have the time needed to qualify for traditional financing, establish your income, clean up your credit, build up your down payment or pay off debts.

You Get to Test Drive the Home Before You Actually Buy It:

The best part of the Rent to Own Program is that you get to live in the home under the Rent to Own Program for 7 years, while you pay it off, or before you convert any remaining amount in the deal to a mortgage financed through us, or if you prefer go to the bank to qualify for the mortgage, you can do that anytime, and et large discounts off of the price. You get to meet the neighbors and check out the house, the schools, and the community. If you don’t like the home, or the neighborhood, you don’t have to buy the home. You choose whether or not you will buy the home during your rent to own program. You are not obligated in any way to buy the home. If you don’t like the home, simply let us know at the end of your Rent to Own Program or use our portability option and move what you have already paid in towards this home to one of our other fine homes and not lose all you have already built up.

You Could Earn Credits Each Month For The Down Payment on the Home:

Depending on the program you pick for your Rent to Own Home, you could be earning several hundred dollars each month towards the purchase of the home. Our Rent to Own Buyers have accumulated credits of over $10,000.00 in only 42 months. With this deal you are be able to use these credits to buy the home without having to save up any down payment.

Own your own!

Don’t be forced to throw your money away on rent just because you need time to get a bank loan. Each month with a traditional rent only deal, you get nothing but receipts...with no equity build up... no tax benefits... no appreciation... and no pride of home ownership. Aren't you tired of maintaining and fixing up a house you don't own? Do you want more privacy in a bigger or better house? Even if you don't have perfect credit... or a large down payment... or if you're self employed, there are houses available for you. Whatever your current situation, there's probably a home that is just right for you. And we'll "go the extra mile" to get you in one of our nice houses, even if it means financing you ourselves.

No reason to wait!

Many tenants are willing to live somewhere that does not reflect their preferred lifestyle because it's "temporary." Don’t put up with noisy, unkempt, and sometimes frightening neighbors. Or inefficient heating systems or poor maintenance. Or undesirable schools. Or rising crime rates. Or what about the landlord who shows up with little or no notice... even entering your home without your knowledge? When you're in a home of your own, you have more freedom and peace of mind. You deserve to live better. Let us help you improve your lifestyle now! Stop living in a house that is too big or too small. Stop putting up with uncooperative landlords. And stop spending your hard earned money on rent when all you have at the end of the year is a pile of receipts.

Our Rent to Own (written as a rental lease with purchase option) Program Works as Follows:

1. Review the info about the available homes that are listed elsewhere on this site. These homes are updated frequently, so keep coming back until you see a home(s) that meets your needs and desires. Once you see a home that interests you please come back to and see all the pics of the house that interests you.

2. Once you find a home listed in the area you wish to live, and like the pics you have seen on our website, then please take your family for a drive by and take a look. Please don't knock on the door and interrupt the occupants (if any) or neighbors, but just look at the exterior and see if the neighborhood and general aspects of the home meet you needs.

3. Once you have determined the home and neighborhood are possibly right for you, please email and we will arrange to get you inside to see the rest and assuming that you love the home, as we expect you will we can have you moving in VERY quickly (often even the same day) or at a future time more to your liking.

You must act very quickly as these homes are often taken within 2 to 6 days of posting as the demand for these houses and the terms we offer is very high.






Our Houses all feature a NO FEAR LEASE and have VERY EASY TERMS


Many of our homes have user programmable CENTRAL STATION ALARM systems, available as an option, & some are covered by an optional home warranty.





These are the types of rental and/or sales deals/agreements we are able to offer to you, and the basic terms for each one. Please call or email me if you have any

questions the available deal types.

VACATION RENTALS   Required down payment: full payment for entire rental period at least 1 month prior to check in Tenants pay their choice either $750 cash or $1500 held check security deposit fee at check in. Cleaning fee is added, other fees may apply for boat rentals, pets, extra firewood, linens, and/or other added extra’s which are available (contact for details) This rental is intended for someone who wants to visit our area for a short period of time for vacation, or group travel, or other general short term situation   terms available are from 1 night to 1 month (longer vacation stays including seasonal stays are possible and would be severely discounted)

SHORT TERM RESIDENTIAL RENTAL   Required down payment: 1st month rent + 1.5 month Lease Inception fee.   Rental intended for someone in our area for a short period of time for business, or while a house is being rebuilt, or other general short term situation   terms from 1 month to 18 months

LONG TERM RESIDENTIAL RENTAL ONLY   Required down payment: 1st month rent + 1.5 month lease inception fee.   Move in money (down payment) can sometimes be broken up over the first 6 months. Traditional style rental,   Tenant pays everything except insurance and property taxes   terms available 2 years to 3 years

RENTAL LEASE with PURCHASE OPTION (RENT TO OWN)   Required down payment: 1st month rent + 1.5 month rent to own lease inception fee. Move in money (down payment) can sometimes be broken up over the first 6 months. Tenant pays all housing costs but receives credit towards their purchase, at the end of the lease for every month that they have been current on their rent during the base term of the lease term. Tenant shall receives $200 per month during the first year, $250/mo during the 2nd year, $300/mo during the 3rd year, $400/mo during the 4th year, $450/mo during the 5th year, $500/mo during the 6th year and $650 per month during the 7th year for each month that they have been current on their payments. Terms available 7 years   Deed remains in the landlord/sellers name

OWNER FINANCED SALE   Required down payment: 10% of the purchase price   Tenant/Buyer pays all housing costs. Tenant/Buyer Straight up principle and interest deal from the beginning Terms available   Variable ... Interest rates   variable depending on buyers financial health ... Deed remains in the landlord/sellers name.

DEEDED SALE SECURED BY MORTGAGE   Required down payment: 20% of the purchase price   Buyer pays all housing costs. Buyer Straight up principle and interest deal from the beginning Terms available   Variable ... Interest rates   variable depending on buyers financial health ... Deed is transferred to the buyer at settlement. Buyer is responsible for all closing costs and must maintain insurance, taxes, and utilities on the property until the entire is paid off.



Two tenant applicants must sign the lease and possess both a major credit card (2 per group) & proof of ID (each person). Other members of the group can be younger but the lease signers shall be the persons who will be fully liable and responsible for the conduct of all members of their rental group. No one under 18 allowed to stay at the house without a parent or guardian present at the rental


(18+ to reserve   Younger guest are permitted with parental permission)

Prom and Graduation groups are accepted under specific condition, such as absolutely no alcohol, drugs or smoking of any kind, all members of the group shall be included on the lease, ID and personal info must be provided by each guest, any house guest under 18 must have a notarized parental permission and responsibility form filled out and turned in at least 48 hours prior to check in, to be able to stay in the house with their rental group.



Fifty percent of the base rental fee is due as a deposit with the tenants reservation with remaining balance being due one month prior to check in. Personal checks are fully accepted with more than 1 month until check in date, otherwise, PayPal, money orders, bank deposits, PopMoney, Western Union, MoneyGram, or cash are required for any payments


If desired, a prospective tenant may view the house prior to their making a reservation/deposit during the cleaning and changeover period between two prior tenants. If you wish to do so, please contact me at 215 850 2409 to arrange a mutually convenient time


Check in is anytime between 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.


(Earlier or later checkout is possibly available for a nominal fee)

Check out time is 10:00 a.m.

( Later checkout is sometimes available for a nominal fee)


Extra Day(s) at a discount may be available to be added to your stay either before or after your reservation please call or email for availability MOST Pets are welcome in our vacation rental houses but a nominal fee will be assessed because we treat the carpets and other surfaces for allergen removal prior to the next guests arrival to insure against any potential allergy issues


All listed parties must be present at check in to sign the lease, or an additional fee may be charged. Tenants must observe township mandated quiet hours and other municipal ordinances at all times


Bachelor /Bachelorette parties are accepted as tenants with additional terms and conditions


Tenants must leave their choice of an uncashed $1500. check or $750. cash deposit for their security deposits are promptly refunded provided that there is no damage to the rental or lease violations


There will be a nominal cleaning fee added to all rental periods.


All rates listed on our site or quoted are for up to 8 persons extra persons will be assessed a nominal fee to offset increased utility costs and wear and tear of large group rentals


We always provide mattresses, ..... Pillows, Bed linens, and towels are always available as an option for an additional fee


All of our vacation properties have included BBQ grills, washers, dryers, and dishwashers


Smoking of any kind is NOT PERMITTED inside any rental house

Smoking is permitted on the property outside of the buildings

Welcome to
Russell Rentals!

Great homes in coastal New Jersey and scenic rural and semi rural Pennsylvania, including mountain hideaways to upscale houses in small town America, to modern apartments in the city. We offer a large selection of homes from rental , rent-to-own and vacation rentals that are all pet-friendly. Many of the homes are handicap accessible. Severely discounted straight sales are also available.